Risk Management

We have worked with Risk Management teams in top financial services organizations across the entire customer lifecycle. Traditionally, Risk Management is one of the more data- and methodology-intensive areas. We have proven ourselves as reliable partners and drivers of change to clients with very high standards. Engagements we have contributed to range from the domains of Acquisitions to Collections and the associated analytics from customer-segment to transaction-level.

Sample Cases

Enhancing Business Card Acquisitions

We worked with a top Business Card issuer to enhance its targeting and acquisitions of middle-sized companies to portfolio. We developed Spend and Risk models and customized downstream Profitability logic based on innovative use of prospect information from multiple commercial bureaus. Increased year-one economic value of new acquisitions by 20% and lifetime by 10-20%.

Underwriting Risk Models for Small Business Portfolio

Our client, a Fortune 100 US bank, hired us to help transform the underwriting decisioning for its small business lease, line of credit and loans portfolios. We were tasked with the creation of a brand-new internal risk score for each of the portfolios with high expectations of new model performance relative to existing benchmarks and a contingency-based fees structure. We built a model suite out-performing the existing model and other benchmarks by 80-90%. Worked with internal teams to determine scores cutoffs, wrote prototype scoring code and assisted Technologies in implementation.

Customer Value Metric

Developed a comprehensive forward-looking Customer Value Metric for existing cardmembers of one of the largest mono-line card issuers in the US. Build the underlying components such as predictive models, functional forms and simulation logic and integrated for the purposes of line management and other, positive and negative actions in response to changes in customer profiles.

Limiting Contingent Exposure for Credit Card Portfolio

During the early stages of the Great Recession, we worked tirelessly with our client, a top card issuer, to mitigate the rapidly rising credit losses. Among these, we identified and enabled Limiting contingent exposures by intelligently controlling open-to-buy. We conducted extensive segmentations and simulations, including reconciling initial lines with existing lines and balances in order to drive consistent actioning. As a result, our client was ahead of its peers in stemming the tide of credit losses and prepared to invest in profitable portfolio growth.

Point-of-Sale Strategy

We were brought in as core team-members of a large multi-functional team in the largest multi-phase internal project of the top card issuer in the US – the complete overhaul of the Point-of-Sale strategy, decisioning rules and infrastructure. We were instrumental in re-writing the Point-of-Sale Fraud, Credit rules and Customer contact / Queuing rules. We set up Insight MIS and designed the Next-Generation Queuing strategy. We performed a number of other key roles such as preparing business requirements for almost all capability modules and as data flows. We often served as a focal point of all business level quality control before and after major technology releases. The program resulted in substantial and rapid reduction in unnecessary disruptions while controlling for fraud and credit risk, unlocking billions of dollars in incremental spend per year. It drove significant enhancements in customer experience.

Comprehensive End-to-End Collections Redesign

Worked with a top retail bank to maximize recoveries of overdraft balances. Redesigned and rebuilt the decisioning environment and associated business processes. This involved building the underlying logic components, such as ability-to-pay, prioritization and others. We executed the daily scoring and updated, trained call-center resources and created daily monitoring and benchmarking, enabling the adjustments to strategies and investments in resources. Turned around, in-year, most of the key metrics and brought results in-line with original budget. Increased recoveries by 30-50% by segment.